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Visit the Rusticators on myspace.com/therusticators. 

The Rusticators' song, JOURNEY TO WAR, was featured on NPR's All Songs Considered - Open Mic Stage 85, June 2005. 

"Talking With The Dead", their latest, is a damned impressive collection of original songs, and shows us that songwriting is NOT dead in this country."  
Taliesin Govannon, Utter Trash

"This folk duo composed of Chris Amsler and Abbey Linfert create a retro stew that has enough modern Americana ingredients to seriously spice up the dish. "
Mark E. Waterbury, Music Morsels

"The Rusticators music pours over you like a warm river, all sweet vocals and simple melodies. Sort of folk with lashings of pop. The Rusticators make a point of being subtle and that goes a long way."
Anna Maria Stjärnell, 
Luna Kafe
, Copyright © 2005

"When these two talents, Chris Amsler and Abbey Linfert, teamed up in 2001, a unique blend of folk, pop, alternative, acoustic music was born. Talking with the Dead is a unique album that will hypnotize you with its lyrics and originality." 
Rikk Matheson, Rikks Revues

"The instrumentation was great.  The harmonies were perfect, and the lyrics were some of the most poetic I've ever heard.  This one's for the artists.  Get yourself a copy."
Gin-E, Dallasmusic.com